There is simply no better place on the planet for diving than Raja Ampat. At this amazing secret and unknown paradise the diving is simply the best anywhere on the planet. There is simply every type of dive that you could ever want to do all her in the one place Raja Ampat.

All year round whale shark swim next to divers at Cenderawasih bay is a real experience that is the true mating ground of these wonderful gentle giants of the sea.

There’s also diving with teams of large Playful Manta Rays at places like Manta Sandy. There’s more varieties of turtle to go diving with here than anywhere else in the world and theres plenty of places to see them.

Dolphins often play jumping over the waves on the bow of our sailing ships and often are seen when diving in Raja Ampat

Theres also many World War II wrecks to explore when diving as many planes and ships were sunk in this area during the ferocious fighting between Japan and the allies. Theres also great  underwater caves and caverns and fantastic swim throughs for the more experienced divers .

Theres an extremely Rare Inland lake that is full of Jellyfish that don’t sting that is a must do diving experience.  Theres also underwater volcanos to see and of course there’s the massive fish life and coral to see that is second to now anywhere in the world.

There’s the truly amazing halmahera mangroves that are right in centre of the surrounding coral reef which  provide a crystal clear viewing platform for new fishlife that are spawning in the mangroves and you will not see this phenomena anywhere else in the world. It truly is awe inspiring to see.



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